Sunday, January 5, 2014

What God is teaching me - Part 3 of 4 ("Eyes and Hands")

On January 4, I read this from Elisabeth Elliot's daily devotional flip calendar:

I was reminded once again that WHAT I was created to do is important.

And what others do is also important.  Where would I be without the grocery store manager?  Where would the grocery store manager be without the farmer?

We each have a specific role.

And that role that I was created to fill when I was in my 20's may look quite different than WHAT I was created to do now in my 30's.

I'm a very black and white person…I like to commit 100% to what I do.  I like to plan, and yes, control things to some extent.

When the seasons of my life change, sometimes it takes me a while to adjust to the new temperature. 

Regardless, this challenge from Elisabeth Elliot reminded me that God has uniquely equipped me for the tasks that are in front of me.

To wish for any other role, or to long for any other place, is to deny God's sovereignty in placing me in this particular time, and in this particular place where I am right now.

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