Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 month marriage lessons :-)

When your husband comes home from work, eats dinner with you, talks with you, spends time with you, and after dinner gives a couple pats to the dog, and you find yourself jealous – you need to go take a walk.

When your husband, who rarely buys anything, wants to buy new socks and underwear, let him!

When your husband wants to triple check that the car doors are locked, in spite of you telling him that they are, just let him check again.  It’s really ok.

When every time you try to learn a Bible story together, or read something about mission work, an edgy attitude seems to develop (in you primarily, not your husband), you need to remember that there is an Enemy who wants nothing more than to destroy this time, and then, in God's strength fight back the negative attitudes.

When you get out of a daily routine of time in the Word together, don’t despair the lost time.  Accept God’s grace and get back in to the routine.

When you get into the habit of making cutting remarks about anything, say ‘I’m sorry,’ and next time seriously stop and remember why you married this man before you say such hurtful words.

When you start comparing (even just in your mind, let alone out loud), your husband’s work around the house to your work around the house, remember that God called him to lead your family by being willing to die for you, so he pretty much always has the harder job, no matter what. Stop complaining.

When you send your husband to work discouraged and frustrated and with tension between you, text him and apologize.  Strive to be the wife that when her husband leaves the house in the morning, he is motivated, encouraged, and can’t wait to serve the Lord in the work He has called him to!

When you find yourself in little arguments that technically neither one of you started, but you're feel like you are the one who apologizes first most of the time, so what?

When your husband wants to stop at the grocery store and get something to add to the dinner you have prepared, let him!

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