Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why do I love to organize so much!?

Why do I love to organize things?  And re-organize things?

Here are a couple definitions of the word, "organize:"

1. To put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole.
2. To arrange in a coherent form; systematize
3. To arrange in a desired pattern or structure
4. To arrange systematically for harmonious or united action

Now, doesn't that all just sound wonderful?  It does to me.

But why?  Why do I love to organize things so much?

What does this say about me as a person?  I'm sure there is a personality test about this somewhere.  Let me check...

Yup, here are a few:
Better Homes and Gardens storage personality quiz

From RealSimple: how to organize based on your personality type

Find out your Clutter Personality!  - this is kinda funny :-)

A blog devoted to organizing! 

I can think of 5 reasons why I like organizing so much.

First, whether or not this is a good thing, I'm convinced I love organizing because it's something I can control, and I like being in control.

Second, organizing brings calmness out of chaos. Clarity out of confusion.  A folded blanket on the bed vs a blanket in a messy heap on a bed.  No, it doesn't always have to be folded, and there are many days it isn't, but when it is folded, it seems like the world (or at least my world) has little bit more peace.  That's all.

ThirdI also often find myself organizing when I really should be doing something else- so I use it as an procrastination strategy - but hey, at least I'm doing something productive, right? (notice my rational for procrastinating, there?)

Fourth, I like to see results.  One can quickly see results after organizing, even something as small as a drawer, or counter-top.

Fifth, perhaps one reason I like organizing so much is that it is natural!  Our Creator was the ultimate organizer!  He systematically created the world.  He put it together in an orderly, functional and structured way.  He had a desired pattern and arranged it for harmonious and united action.  So, my tendencies towards organizing things, while not always for the right reasons, are in fact a fallen representation of our Creator!

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