Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's strange...

It's strange being on the other end of things.

It's strange when your Mommy asks what she can do to help you with dinner and you reply, "You can put ice in the glasses," the exact "pre-dinner chore" that was always assigned to you as a kid.

It's strange to say goodbye to your parents because they are leaving your home, rather than because you are leaving theirs.

It's strange watching your parents pack up their suitcases, when you've always been the one with the bags.

It's strange sending your parents off with a snack bag for the plane, just like your mom used to do for you...

I suppose this is:
part of growing up?
a transition or new phase of life?
another point of view I've never really seen from before?

My parents visited us for Thanksgiving and just flew out this morning.

What a blessing to have them see our home and where we live and work and spent time.

Watching Jason and my dad go back and forth about various sports players and games as well as figure out finance details was an answer to prayer I prayed long ago for my husband to get along with my dad, and vice-versa!

I don't know exactly how to maneuver through this phase of hosting my parents, especially as a married woman, but I do know that I cried when they left, and promptly began searching for good deals on tickets for them to come back again sooner than later.

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