Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Goals

In November, Jason and I celebrated 1 year of marriage and decided to set some goals for our second year of marriage.

We came up with one big family goal (which is for Jason to finish his Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration) as well as some smaller goals for each of us individually, as well as together.

I'm hoping that when there are distractions (whether positive or negative), we can remember our goals, and do what we need to do to keep them a priority.

In addition to the goals Jason and I made together, I realized that I unconsciously have come up with several other goals for myself.  In reality, I probably now have too many.

The first three actually are related to my blog, so I'l start with those.

*1 - #weeklypost: to write a blog post every Tuesday - I started this a couple weeks ago, and so far have accomplished my goal! Yay!

*2 - #todaysjoys: I'm making it a goal to briefly write about something that brings me joy every week.  I'm going to shoot for this post to be on Mondays since that's an overwhelming day as it's the start of the work week and it would be good to begin it with something joyful.  The first "Today's Joy's" post will be this Monday, Jan 5th!

*3 -  #wordlesswednesday: I recently saw this on another friend's blog.  I'm thinking it shouldn't be a difficult goal to reach.  This weekly blog post is a simple picture or a few pictures posted on Wednesdays.  No words.  Just let the pictures speak for themselves.

*4 - #bibleinayear: On October 14th, I committed to reading through the Bible in a year, for the second time in my life. I'll confess, it started off really well, but has dwindled with the busy-ness of life and holidays.  I'm planning to get back into a routine of morning reading in this new year!

Top: All the Harry Potter books
Bottom: Nala's amazement and uncertainty that I can actually read
all of these massive books this year!
*5 - #harrypotter: Somehow I found myself with the whole set of Harry Potter books for a steal of a deal and am committing to read them this year.  This is a HUGE feat for me - who honestly does not read much at all. This goal is in honor of my sister Natalie - since she mostly convinced me to get the books in the first place.

*6 - #spanish: I still have the desire to learn Spanish... although I have NOT made any significant improvement in this area.  I may need to set a more realistic outcome for this one.  Perhaps deciding on a few key phrases I want to learn, rather than total fluency.... so yeah, still refining the details of this goal.

*7 - #organizing: I will be home in Delaware for 2 days prior to a work trip to Liberty in February.  In addition to spending time with family, my goal for that time is to help my mom clean out 1 room in their house - that will probably be the old schoolroom where the four Wilson kids learned everything we know... well... almost everything :-)  If it's not that room, it'll be a section of the basement!

*8 - #walkwithmyneighbor: I started walking with my neighbor, who is from Trinidad, a couple of months ago.  We usually will walk 1-2 times/week.  I hope to continue walking with her this year!

*9 - #photography: I am still researching if Photoshop or Lightroom would be  a good investment for me personally.  I absolutely love taking pictures, and love doing things with them, but have never invested in a solid photo editing software.  I was planning to dive into Photoshop, but the more reviews I read on both Photoshop and Lightroom have left me conflicted, so I haven't taken the plunge either way yet.  Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated!

*10 - #yummyhealthyfood: I'm putting this on this list for two reasons.  My list felt incomplete with 9 items, instead of 10, so I had to add one more.  And the second reason is because Jason and I are trying to find more healthy ways to eat.  We've cut back a lot of sugar and carbs in the past few months - still have a long way to go.  I'm hoping that we can continue on this path this year and find some EASY and DELICIOUS ways to make meals for dinner as well as DESSERTS!

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