Monday, January 12, 2015

Today's Joys: my husband!

Without any hesitation, my first official "Today's Joy's" post will surely be about my husband, Jason.

The other day, I was talking with Jason at dinner.  I shared my frustration about a work presentation I had given that day.  The presentation had gone well overall, but I felt like I could have done better.

Jason listened for a while, told me he was proud of me and then said,
"Well, honey, the truth is, even the All-star baseball players don't hit a home run every time
they get up to the plate."

That was enough to make me smile, but then he went on to praise himself in a semi-sarcastic tone, while I just smiled louder: "Honey, that was a good quote I just thought of…we should write that down… I didn't even get that from anywhere, I came up with that myself…right on the spot… that was pretty good, huh?"

Needless to say, I wasn't frustrated about my presentation anymore, but instead, I was smiling and full of joy brought on by my husband.  I love him!

Here are a few more reasons why Jason brings me immense amounts of joy:
- makes me smile when no one else can.
- has a way of relieving tension in the room
- moves towards me in an argument, not away from me.
- works hard to provide for our family
- laughs at himself and humbly learns from his mistakes
- is grateful for the blessings in our life
- trusts the Lord with the future
- sets an example for me in his own study of God's Word and reading it with me
- prioritizes our involvement in church/Bible studies
- prays with me every day before he leaves for work
- shares his dreams with me, and his fears and frustrations
- is insanely patient with me!
- helps clean the up the kitchen and the house, and makes dinner sometimes too!
- researches the best value for purchases, and finds ways to save money and budget wisely

Note: The intro to this series of "Today's Joys" posts can be found here.

My greatest earthly blessing and joy: my husband, Jason.
Thanksgiving week. 2014: Naples, Florida

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