Monday, March 30, 2015

Today's joy: yesterday's memory

Today's joy is my memory of yesterday.

Yesterday, Jason and I got to spend a lot of time together, which was a blessing because he starts his Mon-Tues night classes this week and won't have break for the next few months.

We slept in (til 8:30!), which only happens about 3 times a year because of schedules and then our body's inability to sleep in when we actually have a chance to.

We went to church and were assigned for greeting, so we had the honor to welcome everyone into the service.  The sermon was a great reminder of trusting God even when life is confusing, which it has been recently.  

I somehow developed a negative attitude on the way home from church, and so silently made us homemade blueberry smoothies for lunch.  I think Jason only ate half of his.  Don't ask me what I was upset about - I don't even remember.  I just felt like I had to put this in here because it was also part of our day - in amongst the flowers and butterflies :-)

Jason cautiously and creatively pulled me out of my afternoon slump and we got out of the house to enjoy the beautiful spring day (there's only about 5 days of Spring in Florida and we are in the midst of them right now!).  I'm so grateful for his patience with me and his perseverance that refuses to let me get stuck in the downtimes.  No way to capture this in a picture, of course.

We rode bikes to the tennis courts in our neighborhood and played tennis for a bit! (Note: this is the first time I've played tennis in about…my whole life, except for running to get the balls when my dad used to play for fun a loooooong time ago!)

Then we drove to the lake front in our town and played bocce ball - Jason won one game, and I won one.

Then we went to get some frozen yogurt.  I got sea salt carmel pretzel.
And put health bar and pretzels in it.  Wow.  To. Die. For!

We came home and finished the night with Once Upon a Time - the one and only hour of tv we watch each week.

I have to say that when it came time to walk the dogs, I somehow also got kind-of irritable (I think partly because it was so cold outside), and so I stubbornly and pridefully walked Nala (my dog) super fast ahead of Jason and Reagan (his dog) most of the way around our block.  It took every ounce of energy inside of me, but I eventually I apologized, and we finished the walk together.  Again - it would be easy to deliberately skip over this not-so-uplifting part of our day and it's impossible to get a photograph of it, but it is part of our story and will probably be humorous to look back on one day…if it's not already :-) 

Needless to say, in the midst of today's insane busy-ness, and lots of work that came in from the weekend, I have joy today just thinking about our time together yesterday and thanking the Lord for it!

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