Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's been a while... but I've been learning so much!

This March-April season has been busy. I have definitely had a lot of thoughts that could have turned into blog posts, but I haven't had time or the mental energy for it.

But, to make up for my brief absence, I'm going to give myself and my readers a list of future blog posts I hope to write soon.  I am doing this for a few reasons

--To give myself some public accountability so I will keep blogging.

--To allow myself a place to process some of what I've been hearing/learning lately - and capturing it here in 3-4 sentences so I don't forget before I get around to writing the blog post!

--To give you insight into what's coming!

So, here's the list.  Oh, and while the events, or thoughts came to me in this chronological order, I cannot promise that the blog posts will come in exactly the same order.

1.  Reflections on Tim Keller, John Piper, D.A. Carson, Mark Dever - I want to write something from the notes I took on at least one of these sessions, but I haven't decided which one yet... it may be a conglomeration (Gospel Coalition Conference April 13-15)

2. Church-based Women's Ministry - What is the Essence of women's ministry, why is the local church crucial for context, what makes an effective women's Bible study leader, how can we pass it on? -- Kathleen Nielson, Nancy Guthrie, Melissa Kruger, Mary Wilson, Gloria Furman (Gospel Coalition Conference April 13-15)

3. "Your Quiet Time Should Change You" - a workshop by Jen Wilken- the problems with our current methods of interacting with scripture and the benefits of adjusting our objectives as well as reading it as it was meant to be read (in context, as one book, etc) (Gospel Coalition Conference April 13-15)

4. Craving Grace - Lies, truth, idolatry, repentance, awareness of our sin and God's love  (University Presbyterian Church's Women's Retreat (April 17-19)

5. Not only is Jesus enough, but Jesus is Better - Lessons learned from the beginning a personal study of Hebrews, using Nancy Guthrie's book, "Hoping for Something More" in combination with Intervarsity's method of Inductive Bible study :-)

So.  There.  A VERY brief summary of at least the external events I've been privileged to attend recently, and peak at what they were about.  I'll be uncovering more of how God has been using them to draw my heart closer to Him in my expanded blog posts soon to come :-)

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