Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Today, I've been preparing a presentation to share tomorrow at Wycliffe Bible Translators headquarters for a Total it Up (T.I.U.) group that is going through a week long course to learn about the work that God does through Wycliffe.

This picture, from my One-Story days in S. Asia, is in one of my slides that go along with my talk.  As I was rehearsing what I plan to share, I literally stopped and looked at every single thing in this picture and just remembered.  I remembered so much.  Remember with me for a moment, will you?

I remembered using my very small laptop computer (on my bed) to type up back-translations of stories for the Kahani people.  It was handy in traveling, but hard to see all the Toolbox windows that contained the story text, the scripture, the cultural notes, etc.

I remembered the little blue mini-speakers (on my bed) that traveled to many villages and played stories hundreds of times for people to listen to and respond.  Those speakers took AA batteries and lasted a pretty long time.

I remember my chronological Bible in the black case - used it for personal devotions and helping to know which stories came first!

I remember the Indian salwar suit I was wearing, it was one of my favorites- one of the few that the tailor had gotten just right :-)

I remember my very well worn out flip flops on the ground next to my bed.  They took me to villages I may never again see in this life, but in fact were the joy of my life at one time.

I remember the carpets on the floor - covering up the freezing cold (in summer and winter) concrete floor.

I remember the candles on the nightstand - necessary for the near daily power outages, and often times at night.

I remember a CD walkman player - not sure how or why I had that, but I enjoyed plugging the little blue mini-speakers into it and using it to play music when my computer battery had run out and we were going on 5 or 6 hours or more without electricity to charge anything.

I remember the pictures on my nightstand - there is one of my family eating dinner on our back porch in Delaware - ahh, good times.  So thankful that they got to visit me in my second year living there.  Shared experiences run deep.

I remember the little purple box on the floor - inside it were baby wipes.  Also known as our "shower" in the winter when it was too stinkin cold to bathe outside!  Which, if you don't bathe often enough, you might end up with scabies.  Don't ask me how I know ;-)

I remember Geetu who was our storyteller assistant (in the blue).  She would be the listener for Hema, and help her check words, and read the translation for her so she could hear it orally.

I remember Hema, who was the only other girl in our town who owned a scooter.  And she also had a job at as a radio host on a local station!  She was an excellent story-teller.  I am honored to have worked with her.

I remember the digital recorder that Hema is holding and the little white microphone that was used to record all of our stories.  I also remember that the microphone was so sensitive, it would actually pick up the buzz of a fly when it landed on it.  And yes, flies did land on it more than once, especially when testing stories in villages!

I remember the beds we were sitting on - and how when we arrived in the town, we had to go and purchase the beds from the bazaar and a porter (called a "coolie") carried them on his head/back over the mountains trekking an hour to our home!  I remember also the back pain that started while I lived there, and trying to do various exercises to help it go away.

I remember the blanket I crocheted - that was another thing we did when there was no power.  Awkward colors to say the least, but it was warm in the winter!

I remember the blue "almari" the cupboard thing on the right, that held my clothes.  Nothing much more to say about it, except it squeaked loud whenever you opened the door.

I remember the pictures on the wall - they were our other One-Story friends who were out doing the same thing in other remote areas.

I remember the season of my life that is represented by all of these objects and these two special young women.  That season of life was 10 years ago (2005-2007).  Another world, another lifetime.  It was at times a joy, other times a struggle, but always a chance to see God in incredible ways.

I am overwhelmingly thankful for the experience that I had to live in another country, for the opportunity to share His Word with those who had never heard it, and for the greatness and faithfulness of our God who is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the same in S. Asia just as He is in Florida, USA.

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