Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Avocado. (Whole 30 - Day 5)

The last avocado I bought was over a year ago.  I never ate it for fear of the thing.

I just couldn't bring myself to even cut it open.

Since I had paid for it, I couldn't stand to throw it away, but it finally got to the point where that was definitely the better of the two options.  #avocadofail

All that to say, breakfast this morning was pretty remarkable.

And... well, healthy.

I baked an egg inside an avocado  - one for Jason, one for me.

Honestly, it is not bad tasting, but still not my favorite food in the world.

I just don't enjoy the mushy texture.

Knowing it's healthy for me makes it tolerable.

And salt and pepper help too.

And honestly, I feel like a gourmet chef so far following Whole30 so that's nice.

And, I rewarded myself with strawberries, bananas, nectarine, and blueberries!

And I didn't feel hungry at all til lunchtime, so that was a bonus.

#yayavocadofat #yaywhole30

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