Monday, November 20, 2017

Thankful for the time we have

I remember being single and my married friends telling me, “If you think you’re busy now, just wait til you’re married.”  After being married, I realized the truth of this statement.

After being married a short time, I remember my married-with-kids friends saying, “If you think you’re busy now, just wait til you have kids.

The truth of this statement miraculously became a reality seven months ago (today) when our daughter was born.

Lily has brought with her an untold number of reasons to almost instantly stop doing whatever I am doing, and give her my full attention.


Adding another person to your life, whether through marriage or birth, definitely requires one to take time away from what one might want to do or even need to do, and truly devote time to that person.

But the truth is that we should never regret the time we spend with someone else.

My Aunt Gayle modeled this for me in how she spent time with her husband.

My Uncle Glenn would often go out to his workshop and work on something – using his hands and creative mind to build a toy for his kids or grandkids, using his knowledge and tools to fix something.

I remember several of my aunts gave me a charm bracelet before I left for S. Asia.  My Uncle Glenn soldered the charms together so they wouldn’t fall off.

At one point, he began carving Nativity scenes out of wood, to give as wedding gifts to his nieces and nephews. Later on his son and daughter worked together to make one for my Aunt Gayle. And then, after that my Aunt Gayle taught herself to make them - the one we have is one she made.

Whatever my Uncle Glenn was working on, I think it must have often been for others. He wanted to help, or wanted to bring joy in some way.

My Aunt Gayle told me that she would frequently go out into the workshop while he worked.

I asked her what she did out there.  She said for the most part she would go out, simply to be with Uncle Glenn.

My Uncle Glenn passed away 6 years ago, on November 21.  It was just a few days before Thanksgiving.  He had an aggressive cancer that took his life suddenly within about a month’s time.

I know that my Aunt Gayle cherishes those moments she followed the Lord’s leading to spend her time with her husband.

She didn’t just leave the dishes or laundry or other necessary tasks, but also left her own personal agenda of how she could spend her time, and was just there -- for her husband

This Thanksgiving week, I want to remember my Uncle Glenn, and how, even though he was a quiet man, his intentional actions communicated sincere love for his family and others.

I think about my Aunt Gayle, who must be missing Uncle Glenn so much today and this week especially - but of course she has missed him so much every single day for the past 6 years.

It is true, after having a baby, I am "more busy," relatively speaking, as Lily does honestly require so much of my time. Yet she fills my heart with joy that I didn't know existed.

My time may be shorter, but my life is fuller in so many incredibly wonderful ways because of her.

This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for Lily, for my husband, Jason, and for our families and friends -- and the time that we have together.

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