Tuesday, May 5, 2009

“There aren’t any spiders in America, right?” (And a few other funny quotes from my life here)

“So, if people use toilet paper, they don’t use any water at all?” (Question asked by one of the staff at the orphanage here, after discussing some recent guests who had put the toilet paper down the toilet instead of in the trash can and had left of stopped-up mess when they left)

“There aren’t any spiders in America, right?” (After cleaning my room and getting all the cobwebs and spiders out!)

“Will he be able to just work in his field for a few months, and live off of that?” (Comment by Manny, after telling him about my dad losing his job, because both him and Sam have prayed for my dad’s job for a few months)

“Wow, you’re making your bed so thick!” (comment made by one of the girls at the orphanage as she watched me lay one sheet down as a mattress cover, and another sheet down as something to cover up with when it’s “cold.”)

“Oh, they have mosquitoes there too?” (Returning from Thailand, I had a few mosquito bites, so someone asked me this question)

Staff: “You’re looking very skelt!”
Me: “What? Can you spell that for me?”
Staff: “You know, skelt….skeleton?”
Me: “Okay, is that a compliment?”
Staff:“Well, just because you’re wearing something different today, you are looking more skinny, so you are skelt.”
Me: “Oh, okay. Thanks.

My favorite:
Conversation with Mommy about how hot it was, and how I was triyng to find a way to get cooler…
She said somewhat sarcastically: “Why don’t you just stand in the cold shower until all the water runs out?”
I replied, without even thinking that it was strange that this happened: “It already did.”

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