Monday, January 18, 2010

Email Update - CALL2ALL Conference

Kia Ora (Hello!) from New Zealand!!!

I am writing a quick note asking you to pray especially over the next few days.

I’m here with my organization at the CALL2ALL conference (

I just updated my status on facebook with the following:
Workshops tomorrow (Wed): 1-2pm, 4-5pm (NZ time). Let's just say that God has required more flexibility and therefore more faith from me for this conference than any other. It's challenging for my perfectionist/planning personality, but overall good for me to be stretched. Praise God for His grace. Please do pray for that to continue and for Him to speak through me (and the other speakers) to those who attend.

I find it funny that while I am not stressed out about this conference as much as I normally am, there is a part of me that is stressed out that I am not more stressed out about it!!  If that makes sense!

Anyway, there have been many changes along the way, including another hour long workshop seminar that was given to Walter and me yesterday!  Funny since this was the  original plan a few months ago, but changed several times since then, and now seems back to the original plan – at least at this point.  I wouldn’t be surprised if things changed once more overnight!!!  Anyway, Walter (a mother-tongue Storyteller from Asia area) and I just met 2 days ago, and are planning to do the workshops together.  We now have 2, 1 hour long workshops tomorrow, and a 30 minute presentation on Thursday.  We have been meeting here and there in-between other meetings and I think things are coming together – we shall see!

(Picture: Walter and me- sticking signs up as part of the booth- one of the fun/less stressful parts of the conference!)

*Please pray for wisdom as we share, and unity between Walter and me as we haven’t worked together before!!
*Please also pray for the students, families and individuals from about 27 different countries represented at the conference here, and for all that God will do in and through their lives over the next years.
*Please thank God for his faithfulness and grace that I am not as stressed out, and ask for that grace to continue throughout the conference!!!

Thank you ---- I am glad I am never alone – that is because of course God is with me, but also that you are all with me too.

Until All Have heard ,

~ Elizabeth

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