Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Email Update - Tea Town

Dear Friends!!!

I am writing to you from ‘Tea Town’ – South Asia!

Just two quick notes:

1) The day I asked for prayer for the New Zealand conference, I completely felt as though you were all with me, and supporting me in prayer.  The workshops went very well – more came than expected!  I was also asked to do an interview for a plenary session for the whole group!  Thank you for uplifting me in that way- hopefully I’ll be able to share more specific stories of conversations with people at a later point in time.

2) I am currently at the end of a storying training, in 'Tea Town,' for 6 groups of national believers doing storying projects in their own languages.  Most of their languages have not yet been written, have no Written Word, and the only believers in the people group are the ones here at the training.  They are in some very remote and dangerous areas.  I actually feel it is my honor to work with them!
(Picture: working with one of the teams)

As we finish up here, can you pray for a few things?
1) Excitement for the teams- that they will remember they are bringing the Word to their own people in a form they can connect to…most for the very first time!!
2) Ask for people to test stories with – these teams have a lot of persecution in their areas, and it can be difficult to find people to work with.
3) Health – I started feeling pretty sick yesterday and had to spend the afternoon in bed.  I had a restless night last night with fever, intense stomach pain, body ache, and other symptoms I won’t mention!  I am still feeling pretty bad, but think I might be getting better.  Ask that I will have at least enough strength and energy to leave my room tomorrow, and begin the long trip home.

In Him, For Him and For those who have never heard of Him,

~ Elizabeth

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