Friday, June 11, 2010

Insight from the Basil team’s Resurrection Story

As I was reading through the Basil team’s Resurrection story, retellings, and testing questions answers this past week, I had to stop and pause.  So many times, reading stories I’ve read many times before, something strikes me in a new way.  This was one of those times.  I realized God was challenging me personally through this far away story team!!!

If you aren’t familiar with the story, it starts off with a few women going to Jesus’ tomb 3 days after he was killed on the cross.  When they arrive, they find that Jesus’ body isn’t there, and are told by angels that he is alive!!  The women then go back to tell the other followers of Jesus, who are called disciples.

At this point in the story, the story team asked a question of the listeners who hadn’t heard the story before.

Question: Why do you think the women went back to tell the disciples?
1st answer: Because disciples are very dear to Jesus, so for that reason, they tell.
2nd answer: when they heard that Jesus is alive they were very eager to tell others.

The first answer makes me wonder if I truly consider people to be very dear to Jesus- regardless of if they are disciples or not.  If I really did see His heart for them, would I change what I speak about?  It makes me wonder why the first thing on my mind when starting a conversation with my fellow believers is usually something temporary, something perishable, something that won’t matter in a year, month, week, or even a day’s time.  I know that Jesus cares about every detail of our lives, and He does want us to bring our worries, and concerns to Him.  But he also wants us to fix our eyes on what is unseen.  Hmm.  I think Jesus is reminding me to have more of an eternal perspective in my conversations.  And he really does consider His finest creation – people - to be very dear to Him.  Remind me of that Jesus!!

And the second answer makes me wonder if Jesus really is alive enough in my life that I am eager to tell others.  Hmm.  When the women heard, they were eager to tell others.  When I hear…what is my response?  When a sport’s team wins a tournament, or someone announces their engagement or pregnancy, when a job opportunity opens up for someone, when we receive good news about a friend or relative – we most often want to share it, don’t we?  We can’t help but tell others about it!  What about the greatest news we’ve ever heard?  What do we do with that?  The worst that could happen will surely happen if we stay quiet.  Lord, please help me glorify you in my interactions with people today, and let the good news that you are ALIVE flow right through me!!!

Thank you for the lessons learned through this story, and the Basil team – bless them in their sharing of your Story today!

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