Friday, June 11, 2010

Be still and know that…there’s a turtle…?

Today while running near my home in Orlando, I saw a turtle right in my path!!  Strangely enough, the lyrics that were playing in my earphones at that exact time were, “Be still and know I am God.”

I watched the little guy for a while, and naturally started to connect things and see a bit of contrast.  Let’s see…

The turtle- A slow-moving creature, concerned with only a few feet of space each day.  The turtle knows that he doesn’t need to worry beyond what he can see because it is not his responsibility, and worry would only hinder the few steps he is responsible to take.  The turtle takes each step carefully, excited and content to move at the pace he has been designed for.  He may not know his final destination, but he knows the ground in front of him.  His only calling is to step out of his shell and put his foot forward.  When he finishes the steps required for the day, he relaxes and gives thanks, enjoying the view from wherever it may be. 

Elizabeth – A girl who is often self-driven, task oriented, concerned with too many details and typically takes on more than she can handle.  She fears that if she says no, someone will be let down, maybe even God.  She strives for the approval of others and tries to run beyond her endurance level which results in out-of-breath frustration because there is no energy left to enjoy the surroundings.  She frequently wonders if what she has done is enough and anxiously tries to see far beyond what her eyes were made to see, which only creates a foggy view of what is in front of her!

Hmm.  Certainly a contrast!!!  What have I learned?

Well… I do hear you Lord.  You aren’t telling me to stop running the race you have set before me.  You aren’t telling me to be lax in my attitude of living life.  You aren’t telling me to give up.  But you ARE telling me that there are times, like today, that you truly want me to BE STILL.  It is those times that will give me the endurance and perseverance to run more efficiently later on.

Of course, something else that the turtle is known for is its shell…and I think I can learn something from that too.  For the turtle, the shell provides shelter and a refreshing place to regain strength and courage to step out again.  I wonder what my ‘shell’ is?  Well… that may take another blog entry!!  But, I know that it SHOULD be my Savior.  After all, God is my home (“Lord, through all the generations you have been our home”- Psalm 90:1).  He provides the best protection (“God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble”- Psalm 46).  And He gives refreshment from life’s craziness!!  (“times of refreshing may come from the Lord”- Acts 3:19)

Wow, God.  Thank you for the turtle.  Thank you for the allotment of time, and space, and responsibilities you have given each one of your Creations, including me.  Please keep my eyes on you – striving to do all that you have called me to- and not worry about anything beyond that!!

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