Friday, July 30, 2010

Email Update!

Dear Friends and Family!!

How are YOU!?  How’s your summer going?  I’d love to hear what God is doing in and through your lives!

Short Version
-          Training Trainers!!  Emails from new Storying teams in Asia!!
-          Recent travel: 10 flights, 2 trains, 17 hours in the car!  Blessings and Blog Posts!
-          P&P—He answered your prayers from last month!
-          Facebook Status Updates from July in previous blog post!!  And thank YOU for commenting! ;)

Longer Version

Training Trainers!
In the beginning of July, I was involved in a storying workshop in South Asia, for new storytellers!  The goal of this training is actually to equip national story-trainers, not just to tell stories in their own languages, but also to then take the next step and train and lead others in related languages in more remote areas.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about these projects, and the multiplication effect that they may have down the road!!

As trainers, they are expected to learn how to email and begin corresponding with their mentors and consultants over the next few months until the next training.  Here are some excerpts from emails I received from these new story trainers in training!

 “Greetings to you in the name of our HE who is the MASTER of all Languages.  Sister, I am thankful to you for the wonderful guidance you gave us all. I believe that our team has got a good and caring Mentor, I truly got blessed by the workshop and the wonderful idea of ‘Story Fellowship’, and all the process, from crafting to the final recording…”

“Greetings in His Name, I have couple of good M speaking believer friends in my Cell groups and I am praying that they will be helpful to us in crafting stories. This will also help me grow leadership qualities in them, so that’s an added advantage…Thank you so much for being a blessing to us…”

“Greetings in His Precious Name!  Thank you very much for all your guidelines and help during the Trainers Orality workshop.  It is my privilege to have you as my mentor for this glorious project.”

Greetings to you in the name of our Father.  Thank you for your mail. I reached to my home safely by the grace of God.  It was my privilege to learn and make correct Stories through the first Orality workshop.  I hope I can be learn more by making stories through the process   Please keep me in your prayer that, I may able to do all these tasks for the Glory of God.”

(Picture – discussing stories during tea time, and every other time of day!!)

10 Flights…
I absolutely love being involved in training new storytellers and I really do enjoy travelling!  Yet, I will confess that the recent travel has brought up some interesting questions that I’m still finding the answers to.  One was, “Where do you live?”  I found myself unsure how to answer that question as I have spent only 25 of the past 120 days at my new ‘home’ in Orlando, Florida.

Still, I am incredibly thankful to all of you who support the work that God is doing overseas and play a huge part in these people groups receiving His Story in their own languages.  I feel blessed to be on the front lines of some of these experiences, and also blessed that I am not alone in this work, but you are partnering with me.

If you are interested, below are two blog entries written during my travels this past month.

*Praise that coaching Lazarus (Tea Town colleague) went really well, and 2 Tea Town teams should be ready for an on-site process check in October!
*Praise for instant good rapport with the new story teams! (ladies in pink below!)
Praise for the 2 ‘process check’s for story teams in another S. Asian country, as well as the successful coaching of a national colleague, CC.  (Pictures below!)
*Praise for a helpful interview/debrief with a concluded Story project in S. Asia.
*Praise for like-minded ‘family and friends’ here in Orlando!
*Prayer for my ankle – each step reminds me that something isn’t quite the way God fashioned it initially.  Ask for wisdom for doctors reviewing MRI test results this week.
*Prayer for insight as I review stories and write consultant notes for story teams in South Asia.
*Pray that God would continue to be my ‘home.’

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