Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where do you live? "I don't know!" - Only 25 days of the past 120 at “home”

Recently frequently asked Question:  Where do you live?
My Answer:  I…..don’t ….. know.

The question is not “Where are you from?”  There was a time, I will confess, when I dyed my hair black to try and become Asian!  However, I have learned and am now very confident that no matter what, my nationality is and always will be American.  But that is not what people are asking.  They are asking, ‘Where do you currently LIVE?”

By the end of July, I will have spent 25 of the past 120 days in Orlando,– the “home” I recently moved to!  I will actually have spent more time in South Asia (not consecutively, and in two countries, not just one) than anywhere else.  I will have lived in 4 states, 4 time zones, and 3 countries, on 2 different continents.  Not counting the 25 non-consecutive days in Orlando, I will have stayed an average of 7 days in one place at one time.  I will have spent 96 hours on 21 planes, 25 hours on 4 trains, 2 hours on vehicle ferry boats, and 60+ hours in taxis or cars.

So, where is it that I ‘live’ right now?

Given this history, I told myself, it’s okay that I don’t have a straight answer to that question.  It is thrilling in many ways to have no idea where I might be in a few weeks time.  It is also draining to constantly not know where I’ll be next.

It is amazing to look back on the past several years, and realize how far He has brought me in my packing and adapting skills!   I guess living in South Asia will teach you those things whether you want to learn them or not!

Anyway, right now, I am living right here.  And I will be content right here.  I will continue to look for ways to thrive in the purpose that He has called me to.  Of course, I won’t be living here for much longer.  I am moving again tonight to another city via 2 planes, and another country, via a 3rd plane tomorrow!  Even though it will only be for about 8 days, I can’t wait to ‘live’ there!

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