Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Facebook Status Updates – in Chronological Order

Below are about 30 status updates from the past 20 days of travel.

Thank you especially to those of you who commented, or sent me notes.  I can’t tell you what a big encouragement it was to me, and really felt like you were right there with me!!

July 2- 12:38pm
 In a few hours, I'll get on a train which leads to a plane, which leads to a taxi, which leads to 2 more planes, which lead to another vehicle, which leads to a training location in South Asia. –
 "My child, When you're in over your head, I'll be there with you. When you're in rough waters, you will not go down...You are precious to me. You are honored, and I love you.” ~ Isaiah 43:1-4

July 2, 4pm

Ready or not, here we go! Currently in a train station, with at least 5 different nationalities around me!

July 2, 7:50pm

Boarded Flight #2 (of 10). This one will take me to a Capitol city in South Asia... after 15 hours of flying, that is! See ya on the other side! Goodnight!

July 3, 10:49am

Arrived at the Capitol city in South Asia! Slept about 9 of 15 hours. Not too bad. Now, we'll see if the immigration officers let me in the country as I'm technically not allowed back into the country until tomorrow!

July 3, 10:18pm

 Immigration officer said, "you are coming in a day too early." I said, "Yup." He thought that was funny. I jumped into a taxi after 10 men looked for the driver. Stopped to get air in tires at gas station (good thing I don't wonder anymore about random stops like that!). Arrived at transit flat. Here for a night, then onward travel tmrw. 10pm, about 98 degrees. And somehow whether I like it or not, I feel at home.

July 4, 6am

I traded fireworks for monsoon season. Hmm. My rainy 4th of July plans: Jump in a taxi (that I hope will show up). Board plane #3 to another big city. Board plane #4 to a smaller city. Meet someone at the airport who will take me to the training location. It's gonna be a long, unfortunately unpatriotic day of travel ahead - maybe I'll sing the star spangled banner to the other plane passengers!

July 4, 10am

 Arrived at the capitol city airport to find my first flight was cancelled. But, no worries- they booked another flight for me within 15 minutes! I flew to another city, then waited 2 hours for my next flight to a smaller town. Arrived, found a taxi and my way to the training location - a place I have been to before - 5 years ago!! All is well, and I'm already working on learning a story to share at training tomorrow!

July 4, 8:39pm

Monday morning here, training has aready started but it's my first day to interact with the new teams! Yay! Lord, thank you getting me here, and for being the God over everything that will happen today!
"I will sing to the Lord as long as I live. I will praise my God to my last breath!
May all my thoughts be pleasing to him, for I rejoice in the Lord." -Psalm 104:33

July 5, 9:17am

First Day of training for me:
Highlight - Great fellowship with young South Asian women!!! There are more women at this training than have been at other trainings, and I am enjoying their presence very much!!!
Lowlight - My boss, (David), who is here at the training is not feeling well - please pray for him!

July 6, 10:24pm

Tuesday's highlights: 1) great discussion about our role in bringing people to Him after the story of the paralytic man healed (note to self: need to blog this later!) 2) acting as consultant for the 'Mercy' team- the people group I spent 2 weeks with during my very first trip to South Asia 11 years ago- They smiled when I still remembered two phrases in their language!!

July 8, 10:18am

Wed and Thurs updates: I worked 12+ hours yesterday, and 12+ hours today! I still need to learn another story and complete consultant notes for 3 stories tonight! That being said, I feel 100% joyful in what I am doing – I love the story work, and I love each minute I have with the story teams! I am excited to think how these Stories will pave the way for so much more in these communities.

July 8, 10:47pm

Starting the last full day of training. Half day tomorrow. Ask for minds to be clear, tired bodies to be strenthened, and hours to be multiplied that we might do all that He wants us to do in the time remaining! "My heart is confident in you, O God; no wonder I can sing your praises with all my heart! I will sing your praises among the nations. With God's help we will do mighty things..." -Psalm 108:1, 3 ,13

July 9, 10:40pm

 Friday's highlight: timely/personal encouragement that came out of today's stories (Paul and Silas in prison) was the old song:
"God will make a way,
where there seems to be no way.
He works in ways we cannot see.
He will make a way for me.
He will be my guide,
hold me closely to His side.
With love and strength for each new day.
He wil make a way."
I'm ready for the last day (half day!) of training tomorrow!!

July 10, 10:55am

Saturday’s Highlight: Listening, from beginning to end, as 25 short stories are told as ONE STORY!!!

July 11, 2:50am= Blog Post-  The Tension of Now

July 11, 7:31am

About to take Fights 5 & 6. These take me back to the Capitol city. I'll arrive at midnight & stay the night. Then it's on to another South Asian country tomorrow! (see note posted & pictures uploaded from the story training!!)

July 11, 3:12pm

12:45am - Arrived at the transit flat in the capitol city. Flights were delayed here and there, but overall, the past 10 hours of travel wasn't too bad. I leave again in less than 12 hours. I'm going to post another blog entry, and then I'm looking forward to some sleep! Goodnight!

July 11, 3:23pm – Blog Post “Where do you life?”  I don’t know!

July 12, 1:13am

On my way to the airport again. This time for flight #7 to another South Asian country to check 2 story projects and interview a 3rd. Haven't been to this location before..... and so begins another adventure!

July 12, 8:30am

Written 3 hours ago: Landed in K-Town. Waiting at airport for someone I've never met. Lots of offers from taxi drivers. A short, dark-skinned, smokey-breath man keeps saying if my ride doesn't come, he'll take me wherever I want to go! :) Current update: I finally met the person I've never met, and am in my 'home' forthe next week, or at least tonight. You never know what tmrw will bring. Or at least I never know!

July 13, 12:02pm

Highlight of the day: 1) ‘Lemon’ team did a great job crafting and testing their stories today! We meet again tomorrow for more testing and checking. 2) I found out that I have at least 6 American friends in this city (met in 3 different countries). It looks like I’ll be able to see 5 of them at two different times, before leaving the country! Wahoo!
Lowlight: I found a cockroach in the kitchen.........

July 14, 8:19am

Highlight of my day: 1) hearing the 'Lemon' team say: 'your style of doing (storying) is very good, and you have so many good ideas for us! 2) buying baby lemons today after work from Shamwea and seeing her smile! There's a picture of her selling chillies yesterday- in K-Town photos!

July 14, 10:58pm

Heading to CC's house today to coach her doing a process check for the 'Honeydew' team! I'll stay at her house tonight - which I'm very much looking forward to!!

July 15, 8:38am

Good day at CC’s home- along with her sister, husband, husband’s sister, and two daughters who all live here! We ate pakora (my favorite Indian snack) and are hoping to have Momos (my favorite Tibetan food) tonight! Honeydew storycrafter did really well crafting & testing stories. After listening to 2 different languages all day, I’m looking forward to sleeping well tonight so we can do more story work tomorrow!

July 17, 10:05pm

After a long week of story checking, and a long story team interview yesterday, I enjoyed a fun night, with Kerry Woods, Missy Ryan, Doyl Flaming, John Eppele, Jessi Mitchell, and Antonio! Working with Asians, but also hanging out with English-speakers, I'm having trouble figuring out what country I'm in!! :) Thankful 4 friends who understand :)

July 18, 7:15am

 Worship today:
Security bag check at door.
Time to share for those leaving, a frequent occurrence.
Among the songs sung:
You are my all in all (our Kahani story-crafter’s favorite!), and:

"There is none like you.
No one else can touch my heart like you do.
I could search for all eternity long
and find, there is none like you."

May I only seek you, Lord, my all in all.

July 18, 9:17am

 A cockroach landed directly next to my head at about 2am. The fluttering of insect wings woke me immediately & brought back not so good memories of Pan Town Bugs. We had a talk. Then I slept on the other side of the room w the light on, so the roach would stay hiding under the bed. I was too tired to try and do anything else. Today, I have one more mtg with CC, and then begin my journey "home" to USA...

July 19, 8:53am

Had a fun, yet dust & exhaust filled motorcycle ride w luggage to airport, was frisked 4 times, took flight #8 back to 1st S Asian country. Now, I'm in transit (story of my life?), til my next [15 hr!] flight which departs in 5 hrs. I arrive at 4am tmrw, then wait 4 hrs til 1st train to DE! 5 hrs down, 26 more to go!

July 19, 10:53am

3 more hours til my looong flight, but look what I found: a foot massager, for free! I'm not thinking about how many other pairs of feet have been in here, I'm soaking in the awesome gift received halfway through my trip! (and yes, Natalie painted my toes different colors before I left!! They've actually been a greatconversation starter! Or conversation startler!!)

July 19, 1:14pm

 This kind of thing doesn't usually happen to me... But hence...Note to self: don't leave your sweatshirt in the airport bathroom. And after that, don't leave your plastic bag at security. The security people saw me coming up the walkway for the 2nd-3rd time and were like 'what happened now?' I shook my hand towards my head and said in Hindi, 'my mind has gone!'

July 20, 4:34am

4:34am EST. Good morning world! I just landed in Newark, NJ. Didn't sleep as much as I had hoped. About 6-7 of 15 hours. Still I'm thankful for that! After immigration, I'm going to look for that lovely piece of horizontal airport floor that I can stretch out on for 4 hours while I wait for my train!!

July 20, 1:12pm

Finally arrived home to DE! Showered in hot water from above that didn't run out. Ate homemade M&M/oatmeal/p-butter cookies. Shared funny travel stories with Mommy. Will sleep soon, but will try not to sleep too long!

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