Friday, February 4, 2011

Email Update- Mercy Team, Banana Town, Prayer, Hope!

Dear Friends and Family,

Short Version
* “I may need to withdraw from the Mercy story team…, but I still want to use stories with my people” – Andrew (Mercy team member)
* “Where are you going this time?” - I’m going to “Banana Town,” South Asia- Feb 25-March 20!!
* “There are definitely going to be a lot of people praying for Storying projects!” – Watch for the an upcoming issue of a publication from the company I work for!
* “Surely, you have a future and your hope will not be cut off...”   Not to mention the blessing of community in the midst of it all!
* Prayer and hope for Precious.

Longer Version
“I may need to withdraw from the Mercy story team…but I still want to use stories with my people.” – Andrew (Mercy team member).
Andrew, one of the Mercy team members, sent me an email a few weeks ago and said that he may need to withdraw from the story team.  He is currently working a full-time job and is unable to complete the story work in addition to his regular work.  It is hard to lose him because he adds so much to the team.  But fortunately, his passion for sharing the Story among his people has not faded.  Andrew said, “I am not done with the story work.  Even if I can’t do it all now, I will continue to learn about it and use it with my people.”

“Where are you going this time?” – Banana Town!
On February 25th, I will be travelling to “Banana town,” South Asia.  I have been to this town once before- almost 6 years ago.  At that time, I received my first orientation to the country I would be working in.  This time, I will be working with the Mercy Team story project.  They Mercy team is just one of several story teams that will be represented.  Consultants from South Asia, S. America, and USA, will travel to Banana town to work diligently with the teams one-on-one and provide immediate feedback for their work as they prepare to lead story trainings among minor languages in their respective states later this year.

“There are definitely going to be a lot of people praying for Storying projects!”
Recently, I had the privilege of providing information for a bi-monthly publication produced by the organization I work for.  Some of you probably receive it in your mailboxes!  It is sent to several thousand people and generally highlights a specific project, or people group.  Next month’s issue is focused on story work and story projects around the world.  It has been really exciting to watch the publication come together, and to think of those who will pray for the consultants and national story crafters, some of whom I work with directly. After it is published, I’ll send a link to you so you can access it online.

“Surely, you have a future and your hope will not be cut off...”  Plus the blessing of a community!
January 2011 has been a frustrating, joyful, discouraging, energizing, draining, and enlightening month!  God’s grace has been reinforced through His Word and through His people.  Proverbs 28:18 (above) has solidly anchored me to Him and His plans for me.  In addition, I don’t think I have experienced the full blessing of a community of believers as much as I have in the past month.  Through some challenging decisions, God has reaffirmed his love for me and reminded me of who I am – I am His.  His daughter, and His princess. 

Prayer for Hope for Precious…
I received an email this morning from my dear Kahani friend, Precious.  I believe she needs to be reminded of God’s love for her too.  Below is part of her email.  Please continue to pray for her heart.
“I asked my husband to help me with finding a job, but he refused to help.  Two days ago, he said that I don’t have any qualification- that I don’t deserve any job, that I am a worthless person in the world.  Now my heart is totally broken.  I cried, but he says that my tears are nothing, they are just ****.  I don’t know what to say or what to do, but still I hope that everything will be alright.”

--Praise for additional prayer for story projects, through my organization's publication!
--Praise for God’s grace extended to me this past month, through His Word and the community of believers I live among.
--Prayer for the final recordings preparations for Tea Town Teams – Alice has not gotten her visa yet, and the teams are not yet ready for final recordings.
--Prayer for Andrew as he focuses on his job, and prayer for the two other Mercy team members as they have more work to do without Andrew’s help.
--Prayer for upcoming trip to Banana Town, S. Asia- Feb 25 to March 20.

(Pictures - Just some of my community here - my wonderful roommates - Katie, Bola, Jen and Jen!!)

Til all have heard,

~ Elizabeth

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