Friday, February 4, 2011

Impossibilities vs. Inconvenient

“There is a difference between impossible and inconvenient.” ~ Meuther

We often think things are impossible.  In reality, they just come at a higher cost to us than we think is worth it.  We somehow determine the value of something, and when the risk, or investment, outweighs what we view as the potential benefit, we decide that it is impossible.

The things that cost us more than we can give may indeed be impossible.  But the things that cost us more than we want to give are not impossible.  They are inconveniences that have deceived us into thinking they are impossibilities.

We talk ourselves into believing that something is impossible if it is going to cost us more than we want to give.  Many times, we have even convinced ourselves that it is impossible because we don’t have what is required.  We begin to think, ‘If I could, I would,’ when the reality is “I could, but I won’t.”

When we believe something is impossible, is it that we really don’t have what it takes?  Or is it that we really just don’t want to give or do what is asked of us?

Those things that cost us something often repay in the greatest rewards/blessing.  But almost 100% of the time, the blessing is not immediate.  Or at least the blessing doesn’t manifest itself fully for some time.

Perhaps when deciding if something is worth the investment, we even look to the outcome of a situation to make a decision.  We pull back because we know that any positive result, or benefit will take too long.  We again are inconvenienced as we feel that any optimistic return on investment will take too long, and in a society driven by instant gratification, this potential delay translates to us as impossible.

True, the benefit may be delayed.  But it is never non-existent.

Often a small portion of the blessing is immediate- it gives a glimpse into the realization that what we thought was impossible, was not only possible, but it was indeed beneficial!

Well…I could write more, but will stop for now.  All of these ramblings are culminating simply to say that…I want to take into account the situations in my life that I have labeled as impossible and really try to determine if perhaps they are actually inconveniences.  Some really may be impossibilities in my life.  In fact, I’m sure many of them are.  But I bet some of the impossibilities are just inconveniences that I have given up on because I haven’t wanted to give or do what I should.

I want to give what is asked.  I want to do what is required.  I want to pay the cost that is necessary to do what may seem impossible, but with God’s help, and only with his help, can truly be overcome.

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