Sunday, January 5, 2014

What God is teaching me- Part 4 of 4 (Today's sermon)

In today's sermon, Kevin Sheahan, shared how when Jesus' parents found him at the temple, Jesus told them, "I must be here."  Jesus knew his role was to be in his Father's temple, teaching and drawing others closer to God.

His parents didn't understand.  We read that Jesus went with his parents and was obedient to them.

In spite of knowing and perhaps even feeling that being in the temple was more important, more prestigious, more worthy, more valuable, he chose to obey.  To listen to his parents.  To live simply.

His time for the temple had not yet come.  He demonstrated waiting.  He lived out his role as an earthly son before fully stepping into his role as God's Son.

This is fascinating to me as I think about my life overseas, and how in many ways it usually feels more important, more prestigious, more worthy, more valuable than obeying God here, in America.

But it shouldn't…Just like Jesus was given specific roles for specific times, God has given me specific roles for specific times.

As of right now, I could categorize my life into three sections: before live overseas, life overseas, and after life overseas.  Within each season, I had a specific role to fill.  I had a specific calling.  I could not fill my role overseas while living in America just like I could not fill role in America while living overseas.
In short, I feel like these 4 blog posts on what God is teaching me this week are all focused on the same idea: Figuring out how to worship God wherever I am, and in whatever I do, even in the mundane, and even when our roles change.

I wonder what God will teach me this week?

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