Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm not Perfect, but my God is! - Update

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8 days from today, we will pack up the car and the two little dogs, and head to Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware and New Hampshire, en route to S. Asia!

9 days from today - my little brother, Mark, gets married - in Virginia!

30 days from today until we leave for S. Asia! (June 29!)

2 days (41 hours within a 48 hour period) is how long we will spend on 2 (of the 5) trains in S. Asia

63 days - is the total how long we will be on the road/in the air/on the train, etc.

112 degrees - the current temperature of one of the S. Asian cities we'll be traveling through

1 day Tomorrow - I will spend a couple hours praying and preparing to enter this next season of travel, as an ever-learning to be: wife, daughter, sister, trip leader, logistics coordinator, and daughter of the King.

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