Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Plant (Whole30 - Day 2)

Our Valentine's Day Plant!
Breakfast started out with eggs and spinach.  Easy peasy AND delicious.

Lunch was a little bit of a cheat - we went to Panera with friends who were in town, so it was tricky.

In my defense, I did ask if they had the "Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad" - which I had read is on a secret menu and Whole30 approved minus the pepperoncini.

Alas, they either didn't have it or didn't want to make it for me.

So I got the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad - which is mixed greens, tossed with chicken, crispy apple slices, red onions, blue cheese and crunchy pecans.

I didn't realize until halfway through that the deliciousness I was tasting was the forbidden dairy product of blue cheese! Oops.

To my credit, however, I did NOT use a single drop of dressing.

Yup.  Ate it dry. Yay Whole30.
Still, that blue cheese though...was delicious.

So yeah, a little deviation from the hard core Whole30, but it was not as bad as it could have been.

We think in relative terms around here, or at least at lunch on Sunday.

Oh yeah, it was Valentine's day on Sunday!  While we've done traditional things in the past, neither of us got a card for each other this year and instead of flowers, we took a romantic drive to Home Depot and got a house plant :-)

It's a Snake Plant and the tag says, "easy to grow."

I love that Home Depot wants to make my life easier by giving me a plant that doesn't really need me too much :-)

Either way, I absolutely love the plant.

So now, on to dinner.  After Home Depot, we returned and I began prepping the whole chicken I had purchased a few days earlier.

I was in awe of the fact I could buy one with giblets removed.  Ahh!  Joy!

Those giblets are the reason I have only ever bought one other whole chicken in my life.

I figured if the giblets were removed already, I could give it another go.

It turned out alright, but it took a lot longer than I expected, so we were pretty hungry by the time we cut into it!

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