Saturday, February 13, 2016

Whole30 - Day 1!

I didn't have a lot of fresh food in the house, so the past few days I did what I'm calling a "soft start" to my Whole30 journey.  I eliminated obvious things like coffee cream, and cookies :-)  I also took the time to plan my menu and grocery list.

I finally went to the grocery store yesterday and now feel like a woman ready for battle! Just look at this loot!

If you can identify these all of foods, primarily the yellow football and the tan gourd thing both at the top right of the photo, you are already way ahead of me.  I'm just thankful the label stickers were still on when I got home!

For the record:
I've never bought a spaghetti squash in my life (the yellow football shaped item)
I've never bought a butternut squash in my life (the tan gourd)
I've bought kale a few times, but still getting used to it (top middle)
I've also only bought a whole chicken once or twice in my whole life (top left)

But our fridge is full, I have a plan, and I'm energized to get this party started!

Here's what my Day 1 looked like:

Day 1: 
Breakfast: 3 eggs, scrambled with spinach.  And blueberries on the side.  I don't like blueberries, but I know they're amazingly good for me, and a couple weeks ago my mom told me that blueberries remind her of Grandfather, so now they remind me of Grandfather.  And somehow, that makes eating them more special.

Snack: 7 almonds.  Literally, no more, no less.

Lunch: Spinach salad with strawberries and walnuts - homemade dressing (balsamic vinegar, olive oil, strawberries, salt/pepper).  Delicious!!

Dinner: Eggs again!  Truth be told, my Plan A was to cook the whole chicken for dinner tonight, but we had friends over in the late afternoon, and we were too hungry when they left to wait for the chicken to cook!  We had very few options as far as protein goes, so I cooked up eggs with yellow pepper, tomato, and spinach.  Jason's eggs had some pepper jack cheese and he also got two slices of toast- he's not doing Whole30.  In spite of having eggs for two meals today, I feel thankful and ready to take on Day 2 tomorrow.

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