Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Whole30 - Let's go!

I've decided to jump on the Whole30 bandwagon for the next 30ish days.

What is Whole 30?

This link explains it all, but in short, it is a getting back to the basics way of eating for 30 days at a minimum.  A few of my friends have done it, or are doing it.  Finally, my friend Samantha has said enough good things about it, I'm motivated to try it!

Here's a cheat sheet of what you are to eat and not eat.

Eat: meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruit, healthy fats
Don't eat: processed foods, grains, sugar, legumes, alcohol, dairy

There's more to it than than that, and the book, "It Starts with Food" explains it well. (Thanks for loaning it to me Samantha!). There is a lot of science in the book, which is great if you're able to comprehend it.  But I very much appreciated the analogies that go with the science.  It made it more understandable.

Why am I doing the Whole30 eating plan? Well, I figure it can't hurt. And, there's a chance it could help with a variety of issues I deal with on a regular basis.  From acne to infertility, I can't say that what I eat isn't contributing to some of those issues and others.

At the very least, my hope for this is that I can give up my dependence on sugar and begin to enjoy more healthy foods.

Maybe I'll end up liking kale! Probably not, but maybe I can find some yummy recipes that incorporate avocado.  I know, I know, who doesn't like avocado?  Well, I don't.  At least not yet.

I'm blogging about it for two reasons.

1) It gives me something to blog about on a frequent basis.
2) It will help keep me accountable!

I'm looking forward to documenting this, posting a few pictures and trying some new recipes.  Thanks for joining with me!  Here's to the Whole30 journey!

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