Sunday, April 12, 2009

One Candle to Burn...

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The voices from yesterday continue to debate where my life might have the greatest impact.

For the past few years, my partner from my previous project has used the following quote on her newsletters. And I recently heard it at a graduation ceremony here in Pan Town:

“I have but one candle of light to burn and would rather burn it out in a world dying in darkness than in a land flooded with lights.”

After hearing that, one is generally inspired to go to the darkest corners of the world to shine their Light. After all, it seems that in complete darkness is where you might have a great impact and influence.

So, is it even possible that He might want me to shine my candle in my hometown where there are already so many candles shining and already so much light, relatively speaking? Actually, yes, he could.

I’ve come to realize over the past few months that the darkness of the place where you shine your Light is an important factor. But more importantly is whether He has called you to shine there or not.

My parents for example, are shining brightly in Delaware. Definitely not a dark place, or an unreached people group. Does that mean their candle doesn’t give off as much light, or that it is made from a weaker wax, or has a feeble wic? Absolutely not. In fact, by following the True Light, and staying where He has put them, they are shining more brightly than if they were to venture out on their own into a dark jungle and attempt to share the Light there.

I’m realizing that the One who actually ignites our candle is the one that decides how, when and where it will burn. In many ways, it is a relief to know this. In other ways, it forces me to be patient as He reveals His plan for my life!

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