Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is for God' glory...

Some of today's testing Results from one of my South Asian story teams....

Story: Lazarus (Summary: Jesus hears that his friend Lazarus is sick, but waits 2 days to go visit him, during which time Lazarus dies- and has been dead for 4 days by the time Jesus arrives at Lazarus' home)
Question: Why do you think Jesus didn't go immediately to his friend, Lazarus  - Why did he stay 2
more days?
Answer 1- Jesus did not go immediately because that sickness will not lead to forever death. Jesus knows that through him God is going to do miracle. He don't feel worried about sickness of Lazarus because he knows that Lazurus will live again.  So he stay 2 more days there.
Answer 2- Jesus knew that God is going to do miracle through him so he don't feel any emergency. He don't feel any worry-ness, so he stayed there for 2 more days.

My Reflection - Since when do I know what's best?  Since when do I know when is best?  Since when do I know how is best?  Since when do I have a better idea of what my life should be like than God does?  Since when do I have reason to worry when my life is held by the One who created the Universe?

I am glad that I can rest in the fact that God knows what He is doing...even in the life and death of Lazarus - He had a plan, a purpose, and He knew what was to come all along.  He even said:

"This sickness will not lead to death, but to God's glory, so that the Son of God may
be glorified through it."   (John 11:04)

Lord, may You be glorified in me.
Throughout this day, this week, this year, and throughout this life that you have given me.

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