Thursday, March 3, 2011

1 Year Ago....

Where were you at this time last year?  Where were you at this time 2 years ago?

Where will you be a year from now?  Where will you be 2 years from now?

Each month, I usually reflect back to where I was a year ago, two years ago, etc .  I also consider who I was at those times.  I look back to see where I’ve come from, what God has brought me through, and if I’ve learned anything, or not!

Last year at this time, March 3rd, I was living in Orlando.
In fact, I had just moved there and had spent 3 nights in my new home. 

When I moved to Orlando, I subconsciously told myself that I would be there for about a year.  I knew this would help me truly invest in life and people in Orlando, and not live as though I would leave again in a few months.

Well, I have been investing in life and people in Orlando, and 1 year has gone by.

However, of the past 365 days, I have spent 161 days outside of Orlando.
That means I have only been physically present in Orlando for a little more than half of the year- and of course, that was not at all consecutive.

When I tentatively told myself ‘1 year in Orlando,’ – did that meant 365 literal days- start to finish?  Or did it mean the number of days that I would be present in Orlando?  If so, I still have about 200 days left- which could be spread out over another year or two depending on my travel schedule!

Regardless of number of days here or there, I look ahead to a year from now, or two years from now, and wonder where I might be.

Recently, I have felt like God is leading and pulling me more than He has maybe a few months ago.  Maybe I’m more aware of it, because it has been 365 days since I moved to Orlando.  Or maybe circumstances in my life have brought me to a place to consider life overseas once again, and somehow that invokes careful reflection and deeper consideration from my mind and heart.

Regardless, I know He is calling.  I’m just not sure where, when, how, or what for.

It could be that he is indeed drawing me to a remote village in a foreign country, to a people group I have been praying for, for a long time.  It could be that he is calling me to stay in Orlando, and invest deeper into my local church and my neighbors.  It could be that He wants me to continue doing exactly what I’m doing, but with a renewed passion.

Wherever, however, whenever, and whatever the reasoning for God leading me, I pray that I am ready and willing to go (or stay), and be, and do what He wants.  And as I seek Him, and His purposes, I want to give myself fully to what I know I am to do – the work that is in front of me – being faithful to this particular calling - remembering that He assigned me this work, and until He directs otherwise, it is the work I am to do, and the life I am to live.

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